Bekaa Vineyard and Cultural Center, Lebanon

Bekaa Vineyard and Cultural Center, Lebanon

Vineyard & Cultural Centre

The aim of the project was to present a new concept in wine production.  The conventional winery goes from a simple factory of wine to a commercial centre wine shop, a touristic centre (Restaurant, Bar, Hotel) and a cultural centre (Wine Media centre, Auditorium, Museum).

THE CONCEPT. Wine production consists of the following:

  • The Harvest, where the grape is still solid in its original shape.
  • The Stalking, where the grape is crashed, loses its form, and throw out the pith.
  • The fermentation where the grape becomes liquid which is the wine

Similarly, a basic architectural form goes through the same procedure to form the main volumetry of the project. Besides, the water lake recalls the abundant lakes in the village of Amiq, that are slowly disappearing.

THE PROMENADE. The visitor has the opportunity to visit all the facilities of the winery through a promenade bridge as follows: 1. The Wine media centre, 2. The auditorium, 3. The Museum, 4. The cave, 5. The tasting bar, 6. The Restaurant, 7. The Piazza.

THE BRIDGE. A “bridge” circulates throughout the project, visiting all the functions of the winery, starting with the wine media centre, that contains computers and books related to winemaking. Followed by an auditorium where conferences about wine are held. The bridge goes up to the Museum, that exhibits artworks and old instruments of wine production, arriving to the different sections of the factory, from the loading dock where the harvested grapes are received, to the fermentation area, to the cave. From the cave, the bridge arrives to the degustation bar then to the restaurant serving wine with food. The restaurant leads to the external piazza located in the middle of the vineyard. The elevator in the degustation bar takes the visitor up to the tour, which is the highest level of the project where the entire winery and its vineyard can be observed.

The winery comprises a hotel dedicated for visitors and vintagers, an external Roman theatre that presents concerts and plays during summer, and an external wine shop selling the products of the winery.


The project is mostly cladded with rusted metal sheets, that recalls the aged wine.

Services: Architecture, Landscape

Services: Architecture, Landscape
Year: 2018