The Townhouse – Mykonos, Greece

The Townhouse – Mykonos, Greece

The original brief was to refurbish an 18th-century aristocratic manor house and home to the first Mayor of Mykonos to a beautifully decadent boutique hotel. As this building is protected by UNESCO and located in the picturesque and cosmopolitan heart of the historic old town of Mykonos island, lots of rules and laws were applied. Nader’s approach was to preserve the envelope for its historical value and rebuild a whole new structure behind. Two historic arches were preserved as well in the ground floor to keep some character in the interior design.

The TownHouse is situated in a prime position, with a view of the harbour, only 600 metres away from Little Venice and the island’s iconic windmills. The hotel is comprised of 19 rooms in addition to a cocktail bar, three terraces, a roof top deck with an infinity pool , and has been entirely led by Nader Gebran both in terms of architectural plans, interior concept design, refurbishment of existing elevations, material / FF&E selection in addition to project management liaison and site supervision.

The white distress ceiling, that covers all the spaces of the hotel, is a piece of art by itself, the red external windows and doors and the gold metallic colour in some furniture and lighting fixtures also stands out and add elegance and uniqueness to the project. The hotel comprises various types of rooms, one of them is the duplex deluxe room. It consists of a room with mezzanine that hosts the bed. This is a replication of the majority of the tiny houses found in Mykonos, a characteristic of the Cycladic architecture.

Services: Interior concept design, refurbishment of the elevations, materials / FF&E selection and site supervision
Year: 2018