Leconfield Road, Highbury, London

Leconfield Road, Highbury, London

Our studio has designed the Leconfield Road extension in Highbury, London using cross-laminated timber and red composite cement panels and has incorporated a stair into the garden. The client wanted a rearrangement of the entire house of three storeys, and a one storey extension. Starting from the lower ground the stairs was relocated outside of […]

Craignish Avenue – Norbury, London

Our studio has renovated and extended a Georgian terraced house in South London using Oak and charred timber, materials that matches the warm tones of the building’s original brickwork, creating new communal living spaces, which are accommodated in a two storey extension that opens onto the rear garden. A more modern, open-plan arrangement was achieved, […]

The Townhouse – Mykonos, Greece

The original brief was to refurbish an 18th-century aristocratic manor house and home to the first Mayor of Mykonos to a beautifully decadent boutique hotel. As this building is protected by UNESCO and located in the picturesque and cosmopolitan heart of the historic old town of Mykonos island, lots of rules and laws were applied. […]

Improving Walkability in Beirut

Lebanon’s Hot Climate The focus of this study is on the microclimate in the streets between the buildings, as these spaces cover the majority of the urban area of Beirut city. Within the dense urban fabric, urban canyons provide an opportunity for creating pleasant outdoor spaces and improving microclimate. The data provided by this research […]

Bekaa Vineyard and Cultural Center, Lebanon

Vineyard & Cultural Centre The aim of the project was to present a new concept in wine production.  The conventional winery goes from a simple factory of wine to a commercial centre wine shop, a touristic centre (Restaurant, Bar, Hotel) and a cultural centre (Wine Media centre, Auditorium, Museum). THE CONCEPT. Wine production consists of […]